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Complaint Management System

Master tiles being largest ceramic tiles & sanitory ware manufaturer, having largest nation wide distribution network, has been powered by our customized complaint management system. It provides isolated panels for all tiers of support staff to help in resolving complaint within its TAT.

Customer & zonal managers are intimated instantly via SMS as soon complaint logs, zonal manager assigns complaint to relevant support staff, further support staff & customer intimated via SMS. Managment has instant insight about any complaint for any region, city or staff, which helps in bringing transparency & efficiency in business process.
Jotun Paints, a Norweigan origin company with a vision to engage loyalty of painters & customers has shown trust in our customer loyalty program, we have been serving the organization since 2011. Loyalty program assists in managing eraned points, redemptions request submission & approval through defined cycle.

Customized reports help management to monitor performance of any region for any week month or year.

Painters Loyalty Program

Complaint Management System

We are happy to serve Diamond Paints, the largest selling national brand, in understanig and developing complaint management system, which caters requirement of the resolution process as per compnay policy. It also equipped with customer satisfacion survey module, which has increased customer retenion & eventually resulting in increased revenue.
Gun & Country Club Islamabad being an Autonomous organization has been utlilizing our Human Resource Management module, It has helped them to maintain employee records, Appointment, show cause letters etc, increment log, payrolls, it has also decreased their load by managing all HR activities digitally.

Human Resource Management

Order Processing System

Our technology integrated smart order processing application enabled the organization to recieve & log order, which further forwarded automatically to processing department, Upon completion it is assigned for delivery according to customer's area, Corporate SMS service sends instant SMS after delivery. It has customized reports to monitor order booking, delivery & cash collection.
Friends corporation working with wide range Brands, vendors, needed a CMS which can log & track complaints being forwarded internally or externally to brand specific service centers. Our solution has enabled them stream line complete resolution life cycle, which resulted in customer satisfacion as well as Brand establishment.

Complaint Management System

Customer Loyalty Program

After successful implementation of Complaint Management System, Master tiles has stepped forward in customer relationship management by implementing Loyalty program, program rewards customer against their continous sales.
Bespoke is a famous Brand in Islamabad, has been using our technology integrated Order Processing System, developed completely on customized requirements. Each customer's order history, customer detail, recieving history can be monitored, each access level has its own isolated panel according to the role assigned.

Order Processing System

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management solution of Shahzeb Saleem has variety of modules, since it controls raw inventory as well as ready to sale inventory at multiple branches, It also has cash tracking capability for each sale and record of bank deposits.